Comfortable and timeless clothing pieces

On this page you see our collection of timeless clothing pieces that embrace the female body and can be used for several occasions. One of our top priorities is that the clothes are comfortable to wear. We believe comfort and good mobility to be essential. One method we use to make sure the clothes are comfortable to wear is to create them from fabrics that are generally known to be comfortable, such as cotton and micromodal. We strive to design clothes that complement the female figure. This is achieved by making clothes with a good fit and with strategically placed, visible seams that accentuate the shape of the body. We believe that when the clothes fit well, they are more comfortable to wear, which makes the wearer more confident.

What are business casual clothes?

Business casual attire has become more and more popular in the modern work environment, but what are business casual clothes? A business casual attire contains clothing pieces that work well in a professional environment without being as stiff and conventional as traditional business clothes. In contrast to traditional business clothes, there are less rules to follow when it comes to business casual. This allows for more creativity and more freedom to express yourself in your personal style. We strive to make clothes that fit well for most business-related occasions. We design clothes in high quality, with flattering cuts and attention to detail, in simple designs that are comfortable to wear. Our clothes are also often slim fitted and designed to highlight the body. The colour palette is warm and neutral and in colours that are more down to earth than the traditional business colours.

Comfortable clothes to fly in

In addition to being well suited as business casual attire, our timeless clothing pieces are also very comfortable clothes to fly in. For one, they are made from natural materials, which are very comfortable for the entire body and allow the skin to breathe. This means that, aside from being comfortable to wear, the clothes are great for weather changes. So, if you are traveling from a cold environment to a hot one, or vice versa, you just need to remove or add one piece of clothing, or in some cases you just need to button or unbutton. Another thing that makes our clothes comfortable to fly in, is the fact that they allow for a great amount of mobility. Even our slim fitted clothes are made from a stretchy fabric that allows the wearer to move around freely, which is often very beneficial on long plane rides. Our comfortable clothing pieces are effortless chic which make them the perfect travel style.