What are art prints?

Here you find a selection of art prints to decorate your home, but what are art prints? Art prints are printings of an original artwork. They have emerged and grown in popularity over the last few years because of the technological advancement. It has allowed for famous paintings to be produced and sold in masses, but it has also allowed artists to be creative elsewhere than on a canvas.  We have seized the opportunity of modern technology and made our own original artworks.

Our artworks are created in Adobe Illustrator and coloured in Photoshop with pictures of texture from stone. We print the artworks on poster paper with a glossy finish to emphasize the contrast in colours. The printed artworks weigh 210 grams per square meter. If you want one of our artworks to hang on your wall, you can shop our art prints here. We ship worldwide and shipping is free in Denmark.

Art pieces with meaning

One of the main objectives of our art and our entire company is to make women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. This is the reason why all our artworks depict women who are laid back, feminine and confident. The earth toned colour palette symbolizes the women standing their ground. The colours used are very similar to one another, so there are no sudden strong contrasts. The meaning of this is to display a calm atmosphere and emphasize the message of being comfortable in your own body. We want to portray these women as being fierce, most noticeably represented through the look in their eyes and their body postures. We spend a lot of time making the art pieces aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly we strive towards making art pieces with meaning.

We like to play with the contrasting desires of needing to fit in and be part of a group, but at the same time wanting to stand out and be your own, unique person, which we believe to be extremely relevant in modern society. This is the meaning with the art pieces. We display this contrast by sometimes having part of a woman blending in with the background, and another part visibly standing out. When multiple women appear in the same artwork, we make them look nearly identical, often only made different by the colour of their hair. This is another way of showing the contrasting desires.

The artworks are a celebration of the female body.