About HoneyGold

Honeygold Fashion is a Danish brand, established in 2014 by Julie Lundgaard and Simone Lundgaard

Honeygold offers a range of women’s ready to wear and artworks

The clothes are designed to make you feel confident. Achieved by high quality, flattering cuts and attention to details

Honeygold combines modern feminine rock with an effortless attitude, in timeless designs

The artworks and the clothes are connected through values and attitudes. Clothing affects your body posture which can affect your perceived attitude. The artworks depict these body postures

The artworks are often inspired by the idea of city camouflage and merging into the surroundings

The clothes are also inspired by city camouflage with the primary colors in black, beige and grey – the colors of bricks, concrete and stones. The artworks play with the interesting contradiction between the need to fit in and the desire of standing out.